Exhibition Catalogue "An endless story"
(the gallery Bengelsträter, Düsseldorf Germany, 2017)

Oil paintings
64 pages, 45 colour prints
23.5 x 27.5cm
Texts (English / German): Prof. Dr. Irene Daum
Photography: Katrin Greiner Photography, Gisbert Körner Photography, Ryo Kato
Publisher: the gallery Bengelsträter, Düsseldorf Germany

Price: 18,00 Euro (plus 3,50 Euro packing charges and forwarding expenses within Europe)
Please order by E-Mail: mail@ryosart.de
ISBN 978-3-86206-634-6

Exhibition Catalogue "I-shi prize winner"
(the Okayama Prefecture Museum, Japan, 2015)

Oil paintings
14 pages, 16 colour prints 
21 x 21 cm
Publisher: the Okayama Prefecture Museum

Exhibition Catalogue "Somewhere on earth"
(the gallery WangHohmann, Wiesbaden Germany, 2014)

Oil paintings and works on paper
40 pages, 35 colour prints
 21 x 21cm
Publisher: the gallery WangHohmann

Exhibition Catalogue "The 5th I-shi Award Commemorative Exhibition"
(the NiimiMunicipal Museum, Japan, 2013)

Oil paintings and works on paper 
25 pages, 17 colour prints 
18 x 25,5 cm
Publisher: the Niimi Municipal Museum

„Lord´s supper of the present“
Catalogue for the "one-artist show" on the art fair "Art Karlsruhe 2012" in Germany

Oil paintings
33 pages, 28 colour prints
Catalogue´s dimension: 17.5 x 20,5 cm 
Publisher: Gallery Bengelsträter