Superheroes, gorillas, giraffes, tigers; there’s a matador merged with a combat tank. That bull is heavily fleeing from both. Superheroes hunt down nature with her three hands, her four fingers, and her three faces. Little Red Riding Hood has evolved and become a Dark Riding Hood, herself hunting the wolf.

The colors, which I at times apply thickly, sometimes let run freely, and at others sling at the canvas, express my deepest, most vibrant feelings. They mix themselves, giving birth to many dimensions. Picturesque tensions come into being, breathing life into my visual articulations. The images’ dynamics reveal themselves as conducted akin to a musical opera or a symphony orchestra. Sometimes the music is heavy and sometimes its calm, both experiences taking my hand, giving my fantasies existence.
The world has moved me; perceiving the daily devastation of the environment and the way people interact not only with nature but also with each other have ignited an urge deep inside me to fight. It is as if an irrepressible mechanism has been triggered within me, driving me to paint about these societal challenges.

Earth is changing at a quicker pace than ever before and nature is constantly and continually being destroyed because of it. People, with their unparalleled intelligence, are a root cause of this environmental desolation.

Time and time again, the world has been threatened with extinction, but never before as today by living creatures, by the very people and natural being who themselves were born of the earth and are a part of the same and one mother earth.Is this phenomenon a period of the earth at which one era must end so that a new era can begin and blossom?
Are people destroying the world so that a new earth can be reborn from its ashes?

My works do not provide a clear-cut answer to these questions. And although I cannot merely stand aside and allow humanity’s egocentric destruction of the world to be repeatedly swept under the rug, although I can only point out what I see and how I feel, everyone has to find an answer and a meaning for themselves. For me, art is a mirror which reflects society and a mirror in which people will reflect upon themselves.

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